20000 in Mexico City protest Donald Trump's border policies

Feb 15, 2017, 00:18
20000 in Mexico City protest Donald Trump's border policies

"The Mexican people are aggrieved by this racist attitude that was shown during the (electoral) campaign and is being crystallized now when he (Trump) is president", he commented.

The marchers were protesting Trump's plans for a border wall and increased deportations of migrants.

Trump would have to build his wall from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean to secure our borders.

Other than immigration, protesters also expressed their concern about the possibility of new taxes on Mexican goods and remittances, as well as the prospect of the United States withdrawing from a trade deal with Mexico.

The president also signed an executive order ending the "catch and release" policy, which allowed those who were caught crossing the border illegally to return to Mexico without being detained.

Smaller marches were held in other Mexican cities Sunday.

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There are estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants living across the United States. "Trump you diminish America", read another.

President Donald Trump is patting himself on the back for immigration and job-creation initiatives that aren't clearly his doing.

Some protesters called on Peña Nieto to resign.

It follows the Mexican's government warning that citizens living in the U.S. face a "new reality" following the sudden deportation of a Mexican woman in Arizona who had lived in the United States for 20 years on 9 February.

"I admire the American people very much", said Antonio Aguilera, 65, who carried a sign assailing both Trump and the Mexican president.

"This march might be coming a little late but better late than never", Mauricio de Maria y Campos, a researcher from the College of Mexico's Economic Studies Center, told Xinhua.