Kim Jong Un's half brother is reported assassinated in Malaysia

Feb 15, 2017, 00:36
Kim Jong Un's half brother is reported assassinated in Malaysia

Portly like his father and brother, and frequently photographed unshaven with his shirt tails hanging out, Kim was the heir apparent to North Korean leadership until 2001, when he was arrested in Tokyo trying to enter Japan on a false Dominican Republic passport.

Kim Jong Nam was pronounced dead en route toa [sic] nearby hospital, Mr. Abdul Samah said, adding that an autopsy is now under way.

The North Korean leader's brother was rushed to a local hospital but died on the way, according to reports.

Kang Chul-hwan, leader of the Seoul-based North Korea Strategy Center, said he visited the ICC in The Hague to personally submit documents backing his claim.

Kim Jong-Un has been trying to strengthen his grip on power in the face of growing worldwide pressure over his country┬┤s nuclear and missile programmes. That's when the world moved their eyes "to Kim Jong Chol and Kim Jong Un, Kim Jong Il's sons through another woman who became the leader's companion".

Gause said Kim Jong Nam had been forthright that he did not have political ambitions, although he was publicly critical of the North Korean regime and his brother's legitimacy in the past.

The incident meant that Kim Jong-nam lost credibility and embarrassed his father - leading him to look for another heir and turning to Kim Jong-un.

South Korea's Foreign Ministry, however, said it still could not confirm the reports. He was Jong-Il's eldest son, and his mother was the actress Sung Hae-Rim. North Korea has not commented on the issue so far.

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These details come after the South Korean news agency Yonhap and other media outlets in the country reported that Kim Jong-Nam had been assassinated, CBS notes. They are suspected to have been North Korean agents.

The incident happened at 8 a.m. Monday when the victim was in the departure hall of KLIA2, and planning to board a flight to Macau after arriving in Malaysia on February 6, Berita Harian reported. "But I think there were internal factors behind the decision, and if this is the case, then we should follow that", he said.

The bigger story here is that, as intelligence officials have been warning, Kim Jon-Un's behavior appears to be becoming increasingly erratic...

South Korea's TV Chosun, a cable television network, reported that Jong-nam was poisoned with a needle by two women believed to be North Korean operatives who fled in a taxi and were at large.

He died en route to hospital from Kuala Lumpur International Airport, police told Malaysian media.

If an assassination is confirmed, it would be in keeping with the modus operandi of the North Korean regime.

Why would Kim Jong-Un want to assassinate his half-brother?

In 2013, Kim Jong-un famously had his uncle Jang Song-thaek dismissed from government and executed. He said it showed Kim Jong Un's brutal control and ability to eliminate opponents or perceived opponents.