LG G6 to feature new interface at MWC

Feb 17, 2017, 00:34
LG G6 to feature new interface at MWC

LG's new Android overlay is called UX 6.0, it will take advantage of the confirmed 5.7-inch display with an 18:9 aspect ratio.

The new UX has an upscaling feature to make 16:9 videos expand to fill the FullVision display without overt image artefacts, while LG claims that new games and videos will be released to make use of the full picture ratio. Video and gaming content tailored for 18:9 is growing sharply, says LG.

If there is one thing that is brought to the forefront in the trailer, it's the use of squares and how it offers flawless proportions when combined with LG's upcoming UX. This will allow you to have two apps running side-by-side without negatively affecting the way they are displayed.

As for web browsing, the taller FullVision screen could facilitate for an overall better user experience, as more content would be displayed at once when surfing the web with the G6 in portrait mode.

It may seem that LG has run out of gimmicks to pull off for the LG G6, which is why it implemented a never before seen on a smartphone 18:9 screen aspect ratio. You can open windows next to each other, such as a call reception window next to the calendar app.

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Thus, the flagship device will debut along with a redesigned and more colorful mobile UX 6.0, created to utilize the FullVision display that resembles Xiaomi's concept Mi Mix smartphone.

LG UX 6.0 will come preloaded on the LG G6 and will include a new camera UX with features like Square Camera, which will split the G6's screen into two 1:1 squares. For multitasking, users can load calendar on the left while working on documents on the right, LG said. Now, as the LG G6 approaches with a lack of bezels, the addition of waterproofing, and more, I can't wait to check out this phone. To start with, the camera UX will enable users to take and review photos simultaneously.

The South Korea tech giant on Thursday also posted a teaser on YouTube that highlights features available through the UX on the next flagship phone.

LG also touts that the G6 will have a Food Mode that'll "deliver high color quality and saturation ideal for, well, food".

The G6 will offer improved multi-tasking features, too.