Nicki Minaj Posts Joking Pregnancy Photo, and Twitter Loses It

Feb 07, 2017, 00:43
Nicki Minaj Posts Joking Pregnancy Photo, and Twitter Loses It

U.S. rapper, Nicki Minaj is now causing confusion online.

According to Complex, rumors Minaj was pregnant was started after a Snapchat account claiming to belong to Meek Mill hinted that they were expecting a baby.

Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill split in January. "#ATBIMS You're so childish Omgskibbidybopbopghjhddfnjj- I would wait to share the news but ..." she wrote in legend. Another one posted, "Yo look at her last pic she dont look like she have a bump". The bootylicious rapper is "determined" to have a baby with her next boyfriend, as she feels her 'biological clock is ticking.' It's game on for which hunk will be able to win her heart, so read on for the EXCLUSIVE details.

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Just after her friend Beyoncé announced she was expecting twins via an OTT Instagram shoot, Miss Minaj brought her own pregnancy showcase to the social media site. Mystery! If some of his fans congratulated him, others wondered about this pregnancy.

"Ever since she was a little girl, she's always dreamed of being a mother - and that's something Nicki wants", a source previously revealed to Hollywood Life. Revealed the indiscreet. However, the rapper used the hashtag "ATBIMS" meaning "All these bitches are my son" that she uses frequently in his songs to say she is the mother and queen of rap.