President Trump's Pick for Labor Secretary Is Bowing Out

Feb 16, 2017, 00:42
President Trump's Pick for Labor Secretary Is Bowing Out

Burger baron Andrew Puzder flamed out as a possible labor secretary Wednesday.

Across the country as well as locally, they packed Hardee's franchises to call Puzder out on his anti-worker positions and his embrace of sexism in the company's advertising.

On Wednesday, Donald Trump's pick for labor secretary announced that he would be withdrawing his name from consideration, according to the Associated Press. He also probably would've been asked about his ex-wife's accusations of domestic abuse. In the clip below, Fierstein-who sat on stage in disguise-tells Winfrey and her audience about Puzder's abuse and threats.

"I am personally - as many people are - deeply troubled by what was in that tape", said Murray, who is the ranking member on the HELP panel.

On Wednesday, conservative magazine National Review published an op-ed that urged the Senate to vote against Puzder because of his support for guest worker visa programmes and other policies that it claims undercut American workers in favour of foreign ones.

Puzder was one of many millionaires nominated for Trump's cabinet, but he's the first to pull back his nomination.

In the video clip, Fierstein talks about how hard it is when people don't believe allegations of abuse and said there were moments where she was in denial and could "barely believe it" herself.

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Trump interviewed Puzder for the post in November, but his confirmation process was rife with setbacks.

. According to a statement obtained by The New York Times, Puzder said he was "unaware" of her status and "immediately ended her employment and offered her assistance in getting legal status".

They also made it clear that Puzder's statements about women and his own workers would be major issues at his planned confirmation hearing Thursday. Charges include wage theft, manipulated overtime, sexual harassment and unfair labor practices.

"This will affect the number of benefit plan investigations the department undertakes, as well as likely temper the robust amicus program under the Obama administration", Ross speculates, pledging to share additional commentary once the hearings actually commence.

But he also said Trump's proposals to build a border wall, stiffen enforcement and defund cities that provide sanctuary to undocumented immigrants were reasonable.

It's not entirely clear how much Puzder is worth.

Trump with Puzder in November. Sources told Fox News he is expected to either withdraw his nomination, or have it withdrawn by the White House.