'Saturday Night Live' with Alec Baldwin, Melissa McCarthy a ratings victor

Feb 13, 2017, 00:45
'Saturday Night Live' with Alec Baldwin, Melissa McCarthy a ratings victor

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer thinks actress Melissa McCarthy could dial it back a bit if she reprises her impression of him "Saturday Night Live".

Spicer went on to try and read foreign leader's names, while completely failing before taking questions from the "eager" press. "Obviously I meant Orlanta!" And I'm probably going to freak if you ask stupid ones. "We know she's OK because she's blond".

"I would like to announce that I'm calm now", she continued, saying she would refrained from swearing because "that's the old Spicey and this is the new Spicey".

McCarthy continues: "And then there was some light terrorism this week when Nordstrom's chose to stop selling Ivanka Trump's line of clothing and accessories".

McCarthy-as-Spicer appeared in Saturday's sketch to confront reporters. The same thing happened during the election season to no less an SNL luminary than Alec Baldwin, whose impression of Trump was similarly, and regularly, upstaged on the absurdist meter by the real thing. "Guantanamo Bay", she said of the Moana doll. In a setup foreshadowed by McCarthy's Spicer, Trump was bringing an appeal for "broad, unchecked power" to The People's Court.

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And from there, McCarthy's Spicer opened it up to the press - and opened up on the press, including an improvement to her reporting-ramming lectern.

The press secretary then briefly turned C-SPAN into QVC in order to promote some of Ivanka Trump's jewelry after Nordstrom's (and others) dumped her merchandise line. "We all know there are two kinds of crime", McKinnon said before getting shoved aside by McCarthy, "regular and black".

The disastrously amusing session wrapped up with Spicer once again charging at reporters with his press stand, which was motorised this time around, and using a leaf blower to "blow away the dishonesty". "I just want to relax and watch the Grammy's, and no one has ever said that!"

It got real pretty quickly.

The show also included an appearance by Kate McKinnon as former Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, the newly appointed U.S. Attorney General.