Sprint Unlimited Plan Improved

Feb 17, 2017, 00:30
Sprint Unlimited Plan Improved

AT&T is the latest USA mobile carrier to announce a new "unlimited" data offer. On top of that, Sprint will offer 10GB of high-speed mobile hotspot data, with those speeds dropping to 2G after 10GB. It's unclear how exactly this will affect those customers, but we'll be sure to provide an update as soon as details are made available. You also get no tethering, which has always been the case with AT&T unlimited plans. While that brings the bill to $220, AT&T says that after 2 billing cycles, they will credit you back $40 each month, dropping the price to $180.

Calling it the "Best HD Plan Ever", the new Sprint deal that will be available starting Friday includes unlimited talk, text and data, and HD video streaming (a main selling point in these new unlimited plans) and 10 GB of hotspot data for tethering for $50 per month for one line.

After 22gb of data usage, AT&T says it may slow speeds during high periods of network congestion.

That's right - if you switch to take advantage of this new deal, Sprint will let you lease the new iPhone 7 for $0 monthly payments for 18 months.

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Sprint's average download speed is 6.56Mbps compared to 12.26Mbps on T-Mobile and 11.98Mbps on Verizon.

Subscribers will have to pay $65 per month for the first line. T-Mobile will now stream unlimited video at a minimum 720p as opposed to the YouTube quality 480p it was streaming unlimited video at, on its Binge On plans.

If you're trying to figure out which network is best, given these new rate plans, I'll tell you, it's the one which gives you the best connection in the areas you frequent most. He concedes that some of today's changes were in response to Verizon, though he also believes that Verizon's new plan was equally in response to Sprint's recent round of aggressive offers. The only carrier that includes taxes and fees in is T-Mobile.