Americans Prefer Bottled Water To Carbonated Soda

Mar 14, 2017, 00:40

USA sales of bottled water have climbed steadily over the past 40 years and reached a milestone in 2016: per capita consumption of bottled water rose to 39.3 gallons and for the first time surpassed consumption of carbonated soft drinks, which posted per capita consumption of 38.5 gallons. "As the ultimate portable and affordable beverage, bottled water spawned new usage occasions and habits". As a result, per capita consumption exceeded 39 gallons in 2016, while average intake of carbonated soft drinks slipped to about 38.5 gallons.

Bucking a historic trend, Americans reportedly consumed more bottled water than soda in 2016.

"People want to make a healthier choice", she tells The Christian Science Monitor in a phone interview.

"Bottled water effectively reshaped the beverage marketplace", said Michael C. Bellas, Beverage Marketing's chairman and chief executive. "As some consumers are becoming wary of artificial sweeteners, they are abandoning diet as well as regular soda and instead are switching to bottled water". Beverage Digest noted that carbonated soft-drink dollar sales and profit margins are still greater than those of bottled waters, "much of which is sold in bulk multi-packs in the grocery channel".

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A milestone for bottled water in the U.S. But that cost was artificially deflated by including gallon and multi-gallon jugs, even though two-thirds of bottled water is sold in single-serve bottles, where the cost of a gallon of bottled water could be nearly 2,000 times that of a gallon of tap water.

Consumers are concerned about the safety of the tap water, says Ms. Aoki.

And while tap water tends to get a bad rap, especially after a crisis like the lead in Flint, Michigan, the majority of it is safe.

This report includes material from Reuters.