Bus driver kills 34 speeding away from accident in Haiti

Mar 13, 2017, 00:52
Bus driver kills 34 speeding away from accident in Haiti

A bus veered into a group of street musicians in Haiti on Sunday, causing chaos in the streets of Gonaives and resulting in 34 fatalities and dozens of injuries, the BBC reports.

The bus, which was coming from Cap Haitien to the capital Port-au-Prince, crashed into a "rara" parade in town of Gonaives in northern Haiti.

A runaway bus ploughed into a band of street musicians in Haiti, leaving 34 dead and 15 injured in a scene of ghastly carnage.

"It then attempted to flee", she added, but ran into several groups of musicians who were performing on foot in local "rara" parades which form part of local celebrations in the build up to Easter.

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According to a spokesperson for the Ministry of the Interior, people began throwing rocks at the bus, injuring others.

The horrific accident sparked a huge rescue operation attended by firefighters and ambulance crews.

Emergency workers transported quickly the wounded people to the nearby hospital, while the police tried to control a baying mob that gathered at the accident scene. Haiti's roads are notoriously risky, with road safety rarely observed by drivers and other users.