But why? Nordstrom sells clear-knee 'mom jeans'

Mar 16, 2017, 00:36
But why? Nordstrom sells clear-knee 'mom jeans'

Then we've got the fashion statement for you: High-waisted - literally "Mom jeans" - with clear plastic panels that make it look like your knees are on sale in a toy store.

Similarly, a handful of reviews on the Nordstrom website have afforded the jeans a five-star rating. "I love me a sweaty knee. Now with my Clear Knee Mom Jeans I have a comfortable, stylish trousers option in my wardrobe." .

"A couple years ago when I first started momming I bought the clear elbows mom shirt, and was wondering when they would introduce the trousers!"

The unique denim styles are definitely different. "The look is very 80s meets 2017".

Who is going to wear them?

Style expert Sharon Haver of Focusonstyle.com also sees a market.

Serious question here! Have you ever wanted to wear a pair of jeans that show off your kneecaps?

Weingarten suspects the thought process internally might have been something like, "Hey, moms are already wearing elastic waists or jeggings, so why not this?" she says. Haha yes I paid money for them!

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