Gboard adds emoji and GIF suggestions, in-line Google Translate and new themes

Mar 12, 2017, 00:47
Gboard adds emoji and GIF suggestions, in-line Google Translate and new themes

Beyond the Google Translate support, Gboard is also getting an improved voice typing feature that makes it easier to switch between speaking and typing modes, new background themes, and automatic emoji and GIF suggestions that pop up as you type. This time, however, the time it takes to type then subsequently translate will be shortened - Gboard will automatically do it as the user inputs text, which also negates having to translate language manually using Google's standalone Translate app. Earlier Google has released these features in its Beta 6.1 as we reported earlier. This is an improvement over the normal keyboards you would find out in the market, which offer emoji support as you type. It will reduce your time in chats. These GIFs can also be shared across other apps, including Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Hangouts, and Allo, which makes Gboard something of a stand-in for other popular GIF search apps, like Giphy.

The theme selector UI now separates solid color themes, recently used themes, and "Landscapes" into separate rows with which you can select. Version 6.1 brings emoji and GIF suggestions right in the suggestion strip on top of the keyboard, making it easier to convert your text into more expressive icons or a GIF. Simply start typing and it can output you message in the language of your choosing.

The new update will give voice-typing a new dimension.

Even though gesture recognition has already made its way to certain Android smartphones, Google has now been tipped to add gesture triggers into the platform itself. Gboard is a free download from the Play Store. This is particularly useful in text messaging apps, of course. Now, touching the microphone opens a new voice-typing interface without the keyboard disappearing. Now, Gboard will do it all right there for you.