German police detain suspect after axe attack in Duesseldorf

Mar 10, 2017, 00:36
German police detain suspect after axe attack in Duesseldorf

Counter-terrorism police were called to the scene and are believed to have arrested two suspects, while the station was closed and paramedics tended to those injured at the scene.

A man has been arrested after injuring five people with an axe at Duesseldorf's main train station late on Thursday, police said, correcting earlier police reports of two arrests.

In June previous year, police arrested three Syrian men over an alleged plan to use guns and suicide vests in an Islamic State attack in Dusseldorf.

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It is unclear how many passengers were injured in the attack, though several victims were reportedly found bleeding out on the the ground after the suspect assaulted a train. Special units for serious crimes have been dispatched to the scene, he said. "I've never seen anything like that in my life, directly next to me he started hitting people with an ax".

Bruno Macedo tweeted: 'Man with axe chased by police in Dusseldorf.

Noack reported from London.