Google buys Kaggle and prepares to dominate AI

Mar 10, 2017, 00:32
Google buys Kaggle and prepares to dominate AI

The company announced its plans to partners as it kicked off its Cloud Next conference in San Francisco this week. "Maps appears a focus for GCP as well given there are 8 break-outs featuring GCP Map features over the 3 day conference". Registered users already included members of Google's DeepMind team and now Google has bought the company. Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Azure and Amazon Web Services are also working on new offers. Greene has been the driving force behind the business since he joined the search giant in 2015.

"Google Cloud is a natural extension of our mission to make information accessible and useful", Pichai said. But as for cloud going forward? And Google is making the API available to developers, just as it has with its other machine learning APIs.

Earlier this month, Google and Kaggle hosted a $100,000 machine learning competition around classifying YouTube videos. Google has always been proud of its work in artificial intelligence and that can be seen in whatever it produces.

Doing this will create a better brand name for Google amidst the community, while also allowing it to take its pick for any data jobs. For example, if a media house needs to look through a vast trove of videos to find clips which have a beach in them, this API will do that while saving time.

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The 33-year old Melbourne University-educated economist turned tech entrepreneur said joining Google combined the world's largest data science community with the world's most powerful machine learning cloud. Kaggle is said to be the best place to search and analyze public datasets, build machine learning models and grow your data science expertise.

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During her presentation at the event, Li discussed the importance of democratising artificial intelligence (AI). Now a private beta, the API uses deep learning models to provide information about content, enabling, for example, searches for content about baseball or dogs. Machine learning is also helping the company to overcome bigger challenges such as improving energy efficiency of data centers. While Google's own demo of the API was indeed impressive, it's still up to developers whether they can push the technology further, but with the API democratized, it's easy to imagine that it'll go well. We've added new capabilities, and there's been an expansion of meta data from Google's knowledge graph.

Expansion of video API's metadata to recognize millions of entities from Google's Knowledge Graph.