Grammys organization calls Trump's budget proposal to cut NEA 'shortsighted and alarming'

Mar 18, 2017, 00:57

Among the 19 independent federal agencies on the chopping block in President Donald Trump's budget is the National Endowment for the Arts.

NEA chairman Jane Chu was a bit more tempered with her words, saying she is "disappointed" with the proposal in Trump's $1.15 trillion budget, which was released Thursday.

And the administration wants to eliminate the NEA.

The NEH also funds programs for veterans, such as the Warriors-Scholar Project, which helps prepare them to attend top-tier universities.

Funding to the arts in America might receive a devastating blow.

If the budget elimination were to pass, Brett said he believes many stations nationwide would close up shop. The program gives $1.2 billion nationally to programs for young people, especially in low-income areas, during nonschool hours. Rorschach says that art may not have traveled here without that support.

The cuts could also mean more empty galleries at museums.

Couching outrage and frustration over the Trump budget in humor proved to be a popular coping strategy.

LA's Best gets about $200,000 to $250,000 in funding from the program, Gurna said. "This is keeping a kid in school". That program is supported exclusively with 21st Century funds. But now the groups could see their funding gone as Mr. Trump on Thursday submitted his proposed budget to the Senate. Wilkins called the president's proposed budget "a shame but not a surprise".

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It wasn't just the education community that was concerned about Trump's proposed federal spending outline.

"The National Endowment for the Arts gives grants to organizations that very often make the difference in whether or not they will stay above water", said Dr. David A. Smith, Baylor professor in the department of history.

Word spread about the cuts back in January, and in February.

"The elimination of NEA seed money for theater is a job killer", said President Kate Shindle in the statement.

That federal money was used in conjunction with almost $11 million in state money to provide funding to cultural councils that support local projects in municipalities across the state.

The organization has its western office in North Hollywood.

Marquis Victor, executive director of the Elevated Thought Foundation, a Lawrence-based nonprofit that works to empower youth through art and social justice, said the proposed cuts show a "complete and utter disregard to the power of youth".

Advocates were particularly concerned that because the small grants issued by the NEA and NEH attract additional fundraising from private sources, the federal government would be nixing a cost-effective investment in the arts and humanities by eliminating the endowments. Senator Kristen Gillibrand teamed up with 24 USA senators to write a letter to the President encouraging him to continue funding the NEA and NEH, calling them the "drivers of innovation and economic prosperity". It is applying again this year. In that same period, Madison Symphony Orchestra's Heartstrings program, which takes classical music to communities of people with special needs, has won $70,000 in NEA grants.

"We're waiting right now to hear on our current application. with our fingers crossed that the (NEA) still exists".