Honda problems putting 'maximum' strain on McLaren relationship

Mar 08, 2017, 00:36
Honda problems putting 'maximum' strain on McLaren relationship

But on the opening morning of the final week of testing, an electrical fault restricted Stoffel Vandoorne to only 34 laps of Barcelona's Circuit de Catalunya. Obviously we are in F1, we are racing, and we have to perform. We put the maximum pressure on all of our relationships with Honda and it's the same from them.

Indeed, though Boullier has always maintained McLaren and Honda are working closely together, he says the responsibility remains with its partner and that the issues are taking a toll on the relationship.

A troubled first week of testing has led to fears of another uncompetitive season for McLaren, with two power unit changes required in the opening four days of pre-season. "We can't put a foot wrong - we need to be able to deliver the best vehicle as well, so this is both sides".

"The PU we are using today is the same spec as the PU run last week at test one".

"I think the races will be good and we'll see what happens as he comes out of contract with McLaren and what opportunities there are", the 57-year-old, who was also a boss at the now-defunct HRT team, is quoted as saying by El Mundo Deportivo.

"We appreciate very much for his great support and contribution to Honda's 4th era Formula One project".

"So the pressure is obviously huge and obviously we put the maximum pressure on all of our relationship with Honda, and the same for them".

Are these the solutions to F1's problems?

A Honda spokesperson confirmed to ESPN: 'It is true that we are ending the contract with [Simon] within sometime of this year under each other's agreement.

Asked if that meant the possibility of a struggle over the first quarter of the campaign, Boullier said: "Based on this testing we can expect to have a few engine changes, but they will have addressed this before the start of the season or at least quickly into the season".