Hyperloop's first track could be built in Dubai

Mar 10, 2017, 00:40
Hyperloop's first track could be built in Dubai

Hyperloop One has finally released images of its full-scale Hyperloop test track in the Nevada desert.

The startup put on the first demonstration of a Hyperloop propulsion system in May previous year, and in October unveiled its plans for the first passenger-carrying Hyperloop system, which it wants to build in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), linking the cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Using Hyperloop would reduce the commute time between Abu Dhabi and Dubai to 12 minutes. One, a company looking to make Musk's dream come true, has just let the world get a peek at the hyperloop test track it's building in the Nevada desert.

That route extends for some 159 kilometres (99 miles) and usually takes about 2 hours by auto, but Hyperloop One researchers say a Hyperloop pod could make the journey in just 12 minutes. While there are other companies that are also working on a hyperloop system, Hyperloop One, an LA startup, may end up being the first to deliver this super fast and new mode of transportation.

The new high-speed transit system is the first major revolution in transportation in more than a century, CEO of Hyperloop One Rob Lloyd said at the conference in Dubai. But the company is finally revealing its Nevada hyperloop test site where it will (hopefully) construct the future of transportation.

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At its Apex site in North Las Vegas, the company had built The DevLoop, which is 1,640-feet-long and nearly 11 feet in diameter. Since that test in May of past year, the company has undergone considerable changes and corporate drama, but CEO Rob Lloyd told me in January at CES that it's now at the point where the technology is a reality, and all that remains is successful execution of the concept. Since the company has now set up operations to test their magnetic levitation and pod systems, it seems the length of the track has been kept at the bare minimum required.

At this point in time with the DevLoop test site, Hyperloop One are ahead of everybody else.

By producing a full-scale test track, the HyperLoop One program is proving that the tech company is on the right path to a final product. The hyperloop system is due to be finished in around three months, and this system will run for roughly 1.86 miles.

How do you think Hyperloop One's hyperloop technology will be on its trial run later this year and could you see this system becoming the norm for transportation if it works?