Injustice 2 Introduces Real Money Microtransactions for Cosmetic Items

Mar 17, 2017, 01:25
Injustice 2 Introduces Real Money Microtransactions for Cosmetic Items

As aforementioned, Source Crystals are basically in-game currency that allow you spend on cosmetic features for your characters.

With the release of Injustice 2 about two months away, expect more information on characters and Source Crystals to arrive soon.

It's tough to think past March or April with so many high profile releases on the horizon, but if you manage to do so you may remember that Injustice 2 is arriving this May.

"Source Crystals can be purchased using real money but aren't required to progress or advance in the game and can't be used to purchase Gear or an advantage in gameplay", NetherRealm said in its forum post. That's also illustrative of the character's dual personality; the Firestorm in Injustice 2 is composed of the minds of Jason Rusch and Martin Stein, who "are only beginning to master their abilities", according to the developer. These will be the in-game currency that gamers will use to buy cosmetic features for their characters. Premiere Skins are essentially new looks for characters that can change their appearance and voice.

Source Crystals can be purchased via the PlayStation and Xbox Stores from launch day. "This is optional and won't affect gameplay or game progression". Pricing hasn't been revealed yet.

Not too long ago, the hero Firestorm was confirmed by way of a reveal trailer as yet another character to be making their way onto the roster for NetherRealm Studios' forthcoming fighting game known as Injustice 2.

Four of the characters joining the "Injustice 2" roster.

While Source Crystals aren't created to impact progression in the game, they do allow for a bit of a shortcut.