Kidnap Victim Pops Out of Car Trunk at Gas Station

Mar 17, 2017, 01:16
Kidnap Victim Pops Out of Car Trunk at Gas Station

Shocking footage shows the moment an American woman escaped from a robbery and kidnapping incident by jumping out of the boot of a vehicle - while it was moving.

On Tuesday night around 10:30, a 25-year-old unnamed woman from Birmingham was headed towards her apartment, just as she would any other day. She told police the suspect demanded money, then ordered her to get in the trunk when she said she did not have any.

That was when she quickly realized she was at a gas station, as she sprinted away for help.

"I let her inside, in a safe place and I locked the door and I called the police", Alsabah told WIAT.

That's when the suspect drove around the city and police said that it was likely that he was attempting to use the victim's ATM card to withdraw money while holding the victim hostage.

The woman was finally able to escape at a gas station about six miles away from where she had been kidnapped.

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Yosef Alsabah, the owner of Gas Land, released the security camera footage to Storyful. "There was something going on with him", Alsabah told

A woman says she was forced into her vehicle at gunpoint, robbed of her cell phone and wallet, and later ordered into the trunk.

In the video you can see the suspected kidnappers pull up to a gas station.

Surveillance video from a store room shows the woman crouching down behind the counter and reaching for something that appears to a firearm.

"I saw the trunk popped up, a woman ran inside", AlSabah, 48, told NBC News.

When the suspect gave up and returned to his auto, Alsabah was watching.