Laptop Could Outperform iPad Pro 2

Mar 17, 2017, 01:17
Laptop Could Outperform iPad Pro 2

The report claims that the main reason for this is that Microsoft is ditching the Surface Book's signature feature - its detachable display.

As anticipation is gradually building up, a slew of rumors and reports tried to paint a picture of what to expect and the latest ones hint at an interesting twist.

The unavailability of the Kaby Lake i7 processor had led some tech experts to believe that Microsoft will instead use the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 635 chipset to power the Surface Pro 5, according to Droid Report. This film is sponsored by AMD and the description reads as "Intelligence powered by AMD, Ryzen and Radeon".

It is also said that the Surface Pro 5 will provide its users with a full desktop experience as the Windows 10 update is said to introduce the Continuum feature that will enable mobile devices, such as the Surface Pro 5, to run desktop-like applications. According to PC Advisor, this rumor started following the release of the "Alien: Covenant" movie trailer on YouTube.

Apart from the possible partnership with AMD for the Surface Pro 5, rumors are also high that Microsoft might finally begin adopting USB Type-C in the upcoming device. After the huge success of Surface Pro 4, the release of Surface Pro 5 is confirmed. Credible leaks have suggested that Microsoft intends to go all out with its next-gen Surface Pro and the incorporation of such a powerful OS in its Surface Pro 5 could allow the tech giant to arrive a step closer to achieving its targets related to the 2-In-1 hybrid market.

While the company has not officially announced Microsoft Surface Book 2 release date yet, the tech writers and industry experts speculate that the next iteration of Surface Book will hit the shelves by the second half of 2017.

The Surface Pro line is created to pack desktop-grade power in a portable device and each iteration has been better than the previous one.

AMD recently revealed its latest Ryzen 7 chip, the most advanced hardware it has ever launched, and now it looks like it could soon be inside the new Surface Pro 5.

Analyzing all that evidence at face value, it's reasonable to think we might be mere months away from the debut of the Surface Pro 5. Of course, these are but speculations at this point, so do take these with a grain of salt.