Mass Effect Andromeda Devs On Game's Length, Crashes And More

Mar 20, 2017, 00:42
Mass Effect Andromeda Devs On Game's Length, Crashes And More

Mass Effect: Andromeda's Early Access installments went live this week. Ralph, for his part, fueled the fire further, publishing follow-up posts that elaborated on Leost's alleged role in the development of Mass Effect: Andromeda and why the games' awkward facial renderings were primarily her fault.

BioWare has announced yesterday that a day one patch is incoming for Mass Effect: Andromeda, however, those weird animations you've seen popping up on the internet won't be fixed until down the road. Surprise, surprise, the shady website that started all this misrepresented the situation, as Ms. Leost was, in fact, not the lead facial animator for Mass Effect: Andromeda... Reports claim that animations are on par with the original Mass Effect, though this might be exaggerated. This tweet denies her being an EA employee as well.

A fan site posted a vitriolic rant that identified a Vancouver woman as the lead facial animator by name, charging that she had no relevant experience and was merely "an inexperienced cosplayer". She has since changed her Twitter profile and her Linkedin account states she's merely been a facial animator at EA.

As those who've played any past games in the Mass Effect series will know, quick save essentially functioned as a way to instantly record progress during low-action moments.

Despite being a facial animator being good or bad or not working for Mass Effect: Andromeda or EA at all, people should not be allowed to harass or personally threaten an individual for their work on any game or anything else.