Murder victim's mother joins anti-death penalty protesters at rally

Mar 19, 2017, 00:09
Murder victim's mother joins anti-death penalty protesters at rally

The most visible case immediately affected by Ayala's decision is that of Markeith Loyd, who is charged with killing his pregnant ex-girlfriend and Orlando Police Lt. Debra Clayton.

"I have given this issue extensive, painstaking thought and consideration", Ayala told reporters Thursday.

Ayala says there is no evidence of improved public safety for citizens or law enforcement with the death penalty, and that such cases are costly and drag on for years.

Law enforcement leaders in central Florida were also disheartened by the decision and urged Ayala to reconsider. He had been on the run since her fatal shooting at an Orlando residence.

WKMG reports that Gov. Scott assigned State Attorney Brad King to the Loyd case in an executive order issued Thursday afternoon.

After Ayala announced her decision Thursday, Gov. Rick Scott transferred the case from her authority to another State Attorney in a neighboring district.

Just days after a new state law went into effect allowing prosecutors to once again pursue death sentences, State Attorney Aramis Ayala said she did not believe it was an effective deterrent and that it causes too much pain for victims' families.

There is no recourse for the Legislature to remove state attorneys from office.

Following Hurst, Florida still permitted death sentences by non-unanimous jury vote, requiring at least 10 votes rather than 12.

In a statement, Ayala said she would follow "any lawful order" from the governor.

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However, I also believe that government can not function if each party is always trying to seek retribution for past misdeeds. The liberal group was joined on the steps of the Supreme Court building Wednesday by Democratic Sens.

"After the murder of my daughter Shelby Farah in Jacksonville, my children and I experienced firsthand the death penalty's destructive effects on surviving family members as we endured 3.5 years of delays without a trial even starting". It is the duty of people in Ayala's position to prosecute those offenses to the full extent of the law.

Ayala spent the first decade or so of her career as an assistant state attorney and public defender. "I'm not a corporation", he said.

Scott can not unilaterally kick a constitutional officer like Ayala out of office.

Ayala said in a statement that she would abide by the governor's choice and decline her right to appeal it.

WESH 2's research of law review articles from Ayala's law school, articles that she has written for the local and national bar associations and her syllabus from a class that she taught at FAMU reveal no prior opinions of any kind about capital punishment, leaving some to wonder exactly when she made a decision to oppose it. Black people make up less than 17% of the state's population, but almost one-third of people executed in Florida between 1976 and 2014 were black men. "Neither describe the death penalty in this state".

Despite the removal of the hurdle, Ayala was quoted by the Orlando Sentinel as saying the death penalty doesn't provide justice to victims' families.

Either way, Zaldivar says he wants Ayala off the case.

That's what Ayala is doing by promising not to pursue death sentences, said Democratic Sen. She made history this time for a different reason.

"At the time you made your inquiry, February 27, we were moving forward with the death penalty in all six pending cases", Washington wrote in an email to the paper. "We can't dictate to them what charges are appropriate for certain crimes".

Meanwhile, Orlando Police Chief John Mina and state Republicans including U.S. Rep. "It is for the most heinous crimes and, by any stretch of the imagination, what Markeith Loyd did deserves the death penalty".