Nintendo Switch May Be In Stock Later This Week, Says GameStop

Mar 21, 2017, 00:37
Nintendo Switch May Be In Stock Later This Week, Says GameStop

It looks like Nintendo is doing what it can to prevent the current retail shortage of Nintendo Switch hardware from persisting into the future. Retailers still can't keep the device in stock-Target restricts sales to its physical stores, Amazon offers the console only from third-party sellers, and Walmart's online store doesn't have the Switch, either.

Good news for everyone who's aching to get their hands on a Nintendo Switch: fresh stocks are hitting the shelves and Nintendo is producing 16 million units for 2017.

Earlier this month, SuperData Research projected that Nintendo will be able to sell five million units of the console by the end of 2017, despite a "slow and steady" release. Other developers were echoing the same concern, but NintendoEverything notes that the amount of RAM in the Nintendo Switch (4GB) ultimately ended up being exactly what Capcom requested.

Furthermore, the report adds that units of the Nintendo Switch cannot be reserved ahead of time, again due to the limited supply, so prospective buyers will really need to make it to stores as soon as they can. Just last week, the store orders got a boost because it is known that there will be a GameStop restock.

Since the launch of the Nintendo Switch at the beginning of March, there have been reports of the left Joy-Con having connection issues with the console.

Those looking to unload a PS4 will get $200 in trade-in credit, while an Xbox One will get you $175. "Our customers told us they wanted more systems, and by partnering with Nintendo, we delivered", said Bob Puzon, senior vice president of Merchandising for GameStop. The more expensive $599.99 Switch bundle is available online at

Meanwhile, there's bad new for those who have not pre-ordered the Nintendo Switch for they will have to buy it at a steep premium.

The Switch is a hybrid gadget, designed for use in the living room and as a mobile gaming system. Maybe the newer Nintendo Switch batches will be resolving the Joy-Con's connectivity issues and the shipment of the bent Nintendo Switch docks.