No Man's Sky Path Finder Update This Week Adds a New Vehicle

Mar 09, 2017, 00:37
No Man's Sky Path Finder Update This Week Adds a New Vehicle

Hello Games, the developer behind the rather divisive No Man's Sky, has confirmed that a brand new update is set to hit the PS4 and PC title.

"No Man's Sky" has gotten several updates including the aforementioned Foundation Update. "We hope you'll join us", Hello Games said.

Hello Games continue to work on the much-troubled No Man's Sky, announcing today that a new patch called Path Finder will be coming soon. They stumbled across some files which contained 3D models, icons, and textures plus a folder that was named "buggy".

Hello Game has finally revealed details about their upcoming update for "No Man's Sky", which is expected to drop anytime this week.

Hello Games are now ensuring its gamers that all of "No Man's Sky" latest features are now working.

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The last major update to the game was the Foundation update back in November 2016.

The big addition with this update is a new vehicle which you can use to get around your home planet, a concept introduced in the previous Foundation update, a lot more easily.

Whilst the Survival mode of foundation did the reverse of creative mode, creating more threats and increase of difficulty.

Adding a planetary vehicle to hasten and enhance exploration won't be enough to bring all of the game's disgruntled players back to the procedurally generated universe, but it proves that Hello Games is in it for the long haul. In fact, the Advertising Standards Authority of the United Kingdom launched an investigation into No Man's Sky after receiving numerous complaints about the game.

Hello games were surprised and excited how the Foundation update was well received by the players of "No Man's Sky". It shows the path forward.