Nomura Reconfirms Final Fantasy 7 Remake Combat Is Action Style

Mar 09, 2017, 00:07
Nomura Reconfirms Final Fantasy 7 Remake Combat Is Action Style

So all along before the development of "Final Fantasy VII Remake", Nomura and his team already knows that the game should be split into two games since having an entire game will not fit into a single video game release. In an interview with Weekly Famitsu, director Testuya Nomura shared some details about the game's combat, and how it will be more action-based. It shows Cloud taking cover from fire, but Nomura says while there may be some maps that allows you to take such actions, it won't be a necessity. Nomura revealed that there will be more situational actions in the final game.

While the in-game menus on this remake look similar to the Active Time Battle setup in earlier games (shown above), it's clear from Nomura's comments that the game will be quite different to the original.

What this means is that, while there'll probably be commands in the game, such as magic, abilities and whatnot, the base of the battle system will have action at its core. This will come as no shock to anyone that has played the latest installment in the franchise, Final Fantasy XV, as the game includes many, if not all of these same mechanics.

He concluded the short interview that the big Guard Scorpion battle will be flashy and it will have a lot more new moves than what was included in the PSOne original. Re-releasing the original game with updated graphics is fine but when you start changing core functionality, you are changing what the game fundamentally is.

The screenshots were previously released by Square Enix on Twitter in a bid to tease fans and players of the remake of the highly acclaimed Final Fantasy VII. And as of the moment, he can not explain any further about the multiple parts of the game and would like to encourage people to look forward to other announcements that he or the company would make in the near future.