One Pilot Dead, One Injured After Two Planes Crash Into Each Other

Mar 21, 2017, 00:40
One Pilot Dead, One Injured After Two Planes Crash Into Each Other

One of the pilots was killed and the other was seriously injured, said police spokeswoman Nancy Colagiacomo.

One pilot is dead and the other is in hospital, and two bystanders had minor stress-related injuries, they confirmed.

Another witness Jonathan Vanasse, who was eating at a restaurant next to the crash site, said he ran outside when he heard the noise and saw the shredded metal remains of the aircraft which appeared to be leaking fuel.

One of the two airplanes reportedly fell into the parking lot of Promenades Saint-Bruno shopping centre in Montreal and the other plane crashed on the roof of the building.

"I heard the motor so low to the ground and then a loud boom", he said. He started yelling for the people underneath the collision to watch out.

Martinez said he ran to the plane and saw a man inside, whose body was crushed. "There's no words for this".

Portions of the mall have been evacuated and motorists are advised to stear clear of the area. The other crashed in the parking lot. Voutsinos said further evacuations could be forthcoming.

Investigators from the Transportation Safety Board told Global News they finished their work at the scene Friday evening.

The controller is referring to call sign GPNP, a Cessna 152 piloted by a 23-year-old trainee with Cargair, a flight school based at the small airport roughly 15 kilometres west of downtown Montreal. They will send the wreckage of the two planes back to labs in Ottawa in an effort to piece together what happened.