Rex Tillerson Allegedly Used 'Wayne Tracker' Pseudonym While CEO of ExxonMobil

Mar 15, 2017, 00:53
Rex Tillerson Allegedly Used 'Wayne Tracker' Pseudonym While CEO of ExxonMobil

During his tenure as CEO of Exxon Mobil, Rex Tillerson adopted the alias "Wayne Tracker" to send and receive emails connected to climate a change, the NY attorney general's office revealed.

On Monday, a letter was submitted by the NY attorney general's office. The move failed to stop the investigation, however. Tillerson, whose middle name is Wayne, used the Wayne Tracker account on the Exxon system from at least 2008 through 2015, Schneiderman said. Now Schneiderman and his team say Exxon didn't acknowledge that the "Wayne Tracker" account was used by Tillerson, which means the company didn't comply with a court order to hand over all relevant correspondence.

The letter alleged that Exxon Corp had submitted around 60 odd documents bearing the email address of Wayne Tracker, but the company never explained that this account was used by Rex for communications at the firm.

According to the news site, Tillerson, or should I say Tracker, Wayne Tracker, now has significant pull over matters related to climate change as the USA secretary of state.

Detailing its findings in a 4-page letter to the Manhattan Supreme Court, Schneiderman's office said ExxonMobil must be ordered to disclose all of Tillerson's alter egos. Obviously, social media's response to the baffling report has been on point, and these Wayne Tracker tweets show people aren't letting Rex Tillerson off the hook just yet.

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"It could be misleading to not tell the attorney general the actual owner of that email address", she said.

It continues: "Rex Tillerson's main email address received a large volume of messages from a variety of internal and external sources".

Online, it didn't take long for "Wayne Tracker" to be meme'd to life, with a parody Twitter account that points to website alleging the Texas oil giant paid anti-climate change think tanks to misdirect public opinion on the threat of global warming so that it could persist with its business activities.

Exxon (XOM) did not immediately respond to requests for comment. He had been Exxon Mobil's chairman and CEO since 2006.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has been leading an investigation of Exxon Mobil, centered on whether the company misled investors by publicly arguing against the reality of climate change even though its executives knew the science was accurate.