Rhinecliff NY Train Throws Snow

Mar 17, 2017, 01:23
Rhinecliff NY Train Throws Snow

Winter Storm Stella brought more than 20-inches of snow to different parts of MA and while NY didn't get hit as bad - some passengers waiting for a train in the state sure did. Thankfully, no one sustained severe injuries. The rail track on which the train was running was covered under several inches of snow. With a fresh blanket of snow provided by Storm Stella, the train speeds towards the platform, sending the fresh snow into the air and on to the platform, all captured in handsome slow motion by Colvin.

Witnesses said the force knocked people to the ground, NBC New York reported.

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The passengers, who were traveling from Rhinecliff to NY's Penn Station, obviously knew they were going to be hit by some snow kick up as many of them filmed the incident. Rhinecliff got about 2 feet of snow from this week's blizzard and I'm guessing there was quite a bit more on the tracks due to drifting.

Snow pushed by an approaching train envelops people standing on the platform at the Rhinecliff, N.Y., train station on Wednesday.