Senate passes 'bathroom bill,' puts San Antonio businesses on edge

Mar 17, 2017, 01:18
Senate passes 'bathroom bill,' puts San Antonio businesses on edge

Testimony opened Wednesday on the House version of a bill meant to get Texas cities to crack down on undocumented immigrants.

A Texas House committee is considering significant changes to a bill aimed at banning so-called sanctuary cities - local jurisdictions that decline in some way to participate in federal immigration enforcement - that could limit the reach of the legislation. The Senate convenes at 12 p.m.

Sen. Dan Seum, a Republican from Louisville, voted in favor of the bill, saying that charters will push public schools to get better at educating students.

"The media have called it the bathroom bill, the potty bill; I've been subjected to many jokes", Kolkhorst said in the Senate Tuesday.

Hundreds of people Wednesday again packed the Texas Capitol to speak against the measure that Republican Gov. Greg Abbott has declared a priority. It's likely a bill will make it to his desk before lawmakers gavel out in late May.

"It is about a privacy issue for us women, for boys, for girls", the bill's sponsor, Republican Senator Lois Kolkhorst, told the body. "I just want to say that we are not criminals".

Geren said he was confident that police wouldn't engage in racial profiling. Among them is that ICE detainers are warrantless requests to hold people that the state House and Senate legislation would make mandatory, they say.

"Obviously, that's very concerning to me, and it's very concerning to San Antonio".

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The Senate will follow up with a final vote expected this week.

Wording was also added to clarify that witnesses and victims who come forward to report crimes will not be questioned on their immigration status.

Democrats say the bill still invites intimidation and discrimination.

"Over 1 in 10 children in Kentucky have experienced parental incarceration, the highest rate in the nation, and SB 120 is a vital step in helping to limit the negative impact incarceration has on kids and families", Brooks said. He and other Republicans who back such a measure say it is needed to preserve the "rule of law" and to prevent unauthorized immigrants from committing crimes against USA citizens.

"It's not ideal, it's not complete and we will continue to work on it", Fort Worth Republican state Rep. Opponents of the bill had previously expressed concern that the lack of such a requirement would lead to superfluous lawsuits from people looking to enrich themselves by claiming they had suffered "emotional pain and suffering" by being forced to share bathrooms with transgender people.

"This bill is about politics, not public safety", he said in an email.

Lubbock does not have a transgender ordinance on the books, although some cities in Texas do.