Story Behind That Viral BBC Family

Mar 16, 2017, 00:32
Story Behind That Viral BBC Family

On March 10, Robert Kelly's kids crashed his live BBC interview, bringing the internet a whole lot of joy and even turning their family into a meme. She explained that it's been a "little bit stressful" but they are now "handling it". "I mean it was terribly cute", Kelly said "I saw the video like everybody else".

Now, Professor Kelly and his wife Kim Jung-a have opened up about the hilarious moment and told of how they were "mortified" about what happened.

His wife, Jung-a Kim rushed in after them and took them away.

Despite the comical interruption, Kelly was able to finish the interview. Then his panicked wife runs in, dragging them out and shutting the door. I hope they stop arguing.

He also said he normally locks the door during his interviews, but he forgot to do it this time.

Last week, a super serious BBC clip went viral after the expert on South Korean politics was upstaged mid-interview when his daughter Marion goofily waltzed in wearing a bright yellow sweater. "It was chaos for me".

The post was shared by almost 240,000 people and received more than 43,000 comments, most of which thanked the news network and the Kelly family for a good laugh. "Our families have watched it as well and everyone we know finds its pretty hysterical". "We love our children very much, and we are happy that our family blooper - our family error on television - brought so much laughter to so many people".

- Marion, 4, who makes her TV debut in enviable swagger, was in a "hippity-hoppity mood" because she had just celebrated her birthday at school that day.

The family circus was shared millions of times after being posted.

Kim also stated that she found it amusing watching it, despite the fact that during the initial interview she was flustered while trying to corral the children.

Finally we have the answer to the most pressing question of our age: Was the BBC dad wearing trousers?

"So, I hope people just enjoy it, not argue over this thing", she said.