The Flash Season 3 Episode 16 Review - 'Into the Speed Force'

Mar 16, 2017, 00:36
The Flash Season 3 Episode 16 Review - 'Into the Speed Force'

The cliffhanger was Wally being thrown into the Speed Force.

What was most shocking at the close of the episode was the change of attitude in the West-Allen relationship, with Iris now fully embracing her love for Barry while he knocked back her advances in the knowledge that if he severs his emotional ties with her then this will essentially change the future forever. Cisco explains to Julian how the device is linked the electrode halo (I finally know the name for the thing I keep calling "headset") via Goldtooth (Cisco's adorable inter-dimensional version of Bluetooth) and can track his vitals anywhere in the Speed Force. H.R. Wells figures out Savitar is a real man, not a god. Gustin told the outlet, "The Speed Force takes a little bit more of an aggressive approach with Barry just because of choices that have been made since the end of season 2 leading up to where we're at now". Now Barry is going looking for him. But, the Music Meister pulls a masterstroke against The Flash by putting him in a coma. It was cool having Barry face Hunter Zolomon one more time, but this also felt like a waste of a battle.

Listen Barry, we get it. This is the speed force's way of reminding Barry of those who sacrificed themselves so he could survive.

The core of the story is focused on Barry's grim adventure inside the Speed Force.

"So the question in that episode becomes: Is Barry going to sacrifice himself for Wally, and how are they going to get Wally out?" Barry winds up in a conversation with Eddie, Ronnie and everyone else who has gone the sacrifice route in Barry's life.

Overall, "Into the Speed Force" is a good installment with some mediocre elements. Jesse took on Savitar one on one and fared better than anyone has, even if you still couldn't exactly call that a victory. "Meanwhile, H.R. (Tom Cavanagh) gives Jesse some advice". Learning that the metal vibrates at the same frequency as Savitar and wants to reconnect with him (cue the perfectly placed IRON GIANT reference), Jesse finds Savitar.

Everyone arrives back at Star Labs, but Jesse says she wants to go be Flash on Earth-3 for a while to get away from Savitar and the plans he has for her. Will Barry be able to locate Kid Flash and find a way for them both to return to Central City? The only person there, aside from Wally, is him. They're still reeling from the fact that Barry may or may not have proposed partially to change the future, which is just kind of silly. Despite Iris telling Barry that he has now tainted their relationship by selfishly using their proposal as a tool in his fight with Savitar, the titular hero decides he will try the opposite and break up with the love of his life. Barry will likely continue endlessly trying to protect the people he loves, but is somehow committed to go about doing it in his martyr-adventurer style. "She very much does", Patton said. "Snart" tells Barry that if he thinks seeing Iris' death was hell, he hasn't seen anything yet. Not to mention John Wesley Shipp's Jay Garrick busting in to save the day. And don't get lost along the way, since you probably won't have Cisco Ramon to vibe you out!

That doesn't means Barry can't make mistakes - He absolutely should. Within minutes, the bumbling H.R. makes the suggestion for Cisco to develop something to allow Barry to travel into the Speed Force which reminds everyone of how they saved Barry a year ago.