This Is Us finale: Sterling K. Brown on Randall's family surprise

Mar 19, 2017, 00:31
This Is Us finale: Sterling K. Brown on Randall's family surprise

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Mandy Moore has heard the clamor of emotional fans who expected to find closure after Tuesday's tearjerking "This Is Us" season finale.

Fogelman also revealed that while fans expected to get answers to Jack's death, with many assuming he would die in a auto crash during his drunken drive to Cleveland after his daughter Kate urged him to go to his wife's show, he wasn't playing with viewers' emotions with Kate's (Chrissy Metz) recent revelation that she is responsible for her dad's death.

The episode starts with where we left Jack and Rebecca - she is at a performance, he is drunkenly on his way to meet her; while many fans assumed that his drunk driving would lead to his death, he arrives safely at the venue, and continues to drink. "Drawing from a lot of what my father was, I kind of plugged that into what was written for Jack".

I can't imagine anyone having an easy time while fighting in the war, so is it possible we will get flashbacks of Jack in his twenties during the conflict? She's grabbing lunch with her friends, one of whom is marrying someone in finance, as they urge her "diversify" - by not only letting go of her dreams of becoming a singer, but also by focusing on a real, adult relationship.

The whole episode focused just on past/present Jack and Rebecca with one very brief scene each for The Big Three. She leaves a voicemail telling her husband how much she misses and loves him and wishes he was there.

This time the twist is that in the finale Jack does make it to the club, living to fight - a few hours later with Rebecca. All doesn't go as planned, of course, and the "bad guys" steal Jack's money. Rebecca worries it'll screw them up, but Jack is confident that they've done the best they can as parents, and the decisions the kids make as grown-ups will reflect that.

Does this guy have any objective in life other than to be the worst?

Mandy Moore promised fans would be upset while speaking with Variety earlier this month.

She believes Jack's anger stems from the fact that she's returned to her music career.

The two locked eyes and Jack skipped out on another blind date he was supposed to attend. Rebecca showed up for hers, but left halfway through to perform at an open mic.

The husband and wife get in an explosive fight - during which, she rebukes on claims that he is an alcoholic and accuses him of conveniently picking up his drinking habit at the same time she "finally [has] something happening for myself". I am the luckiest. You wanted a house. You dated this woman 21 years ago and now you're gonna try and break up her marriage?

The finale expertly subverts our expectations of seeing Jack die, since last week's ominous ending certainly implied that he was headed for a tragic demise. 'And not the me that you've conjured up about me over the years?' "That is not a career". "And our love story, although it may not feel like it right now, I promise you, it's just getting started".

Where do they go from here? As an adult, he channels that frenetic energy into a demanding and unfulfilling job while taking care of William, and all of that almost breaks him.

And if there is one element of "This Is Us" that explains its popularity with such a large segment of America, it is the show's solemn treatment of loss and losing. Many show devotees still have trouble understanding why This Is Us would get rid of him, so fans would presumably rejoice if somehow their favorite TV dad appeared in the present day.