Trump Doesn't Accept FBI Denial of Wiretapping His Phones

Mar 07, 2017, 00:34
Trump Doesn't Accept FBI Denial of Wiretapping His Phones

Republican leaders of Congress appeared willing to honour the request, but the move has potential risks for Mr. Trump, particularly if the House and Senate uncover damaging information about Mr. Trump, his aides or his associates. It was a crackling exchange unusual for the generally happy terrain of network morning television, and made Stephanopoulos a hero or villain depending on whose social media feed is followed.

When asked whether Mr Trump accepted Mr Comey's view, White House deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told ABC's Good Morning America: "I don't think he does". It wasn't clear what changed the administration's strategy. Although Comey hasn't publicly addressed the wiretap allegations, multiple outlets such as The New York Times and NBC have reported via sources that he asked the Department of Justice to repudiate the commander in chief's claims.

The Justice Department has not yet issued a statement, but the president does not have the unilateral authority to order a wiretap on suspected foreign spies operating inside the United States - doing so would be a "massive crime", Miller said, that would implicate career civil servants and necessitate a huge cover up. Could this be the straw that breaks the proverbial camel's back and brings the president down? "So what is the president's evidence?" Leaders like retired admiral William McRaven; who said the greatest threat to democracy he has seen is the attempt by a US president to paint the news media as "the enemy of the American people". Every single article you just mentioned did not back up the president's claim that President Obama had him wiretapped. This is about the Obama administration spying, and the question is not whether it spied.

"Hold on a second", he said.

Noting that Obama's representatives, Comey and Clapper had all said there was no wiretapping, Stephanopoulos asked, "is the president calling all three of these people liars?"

Both the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Congress are investigating those contacts.

Obama said that, when he first saw Trump's allegations on Twitter, "My first thought was, Only a narcissist on the scale of Donald Trump would think people want to hear more from him than they now do".

"If the president walked across the Potomac, the media would be reporting that he could not swim", she said.

Maybe that's the reason Trump made a tweet about ratings on his TV show The Apprentice immediately following his series of tweets about wire taps.

"The President wants the truth to come out to the American people through the house intelligence committee and that is the process we go through", she added. The White House has denied any such links with Ms Sanders saying the press is peddling a "false narrative that there are connections between the Trump campaign and the Russians". If you tell a lie, he seems to believe, tell a whopper.

Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer has said that he will press Rod Rosenstein, who has been nominated to be deputy attorney-general, to commit to appointing a special prosecutor to investigate Mr Trump's alleged Russian Federation links. There are also some who believe the wiretap accusation itself is a way to distract people from the story about Russian Federation, and the media effectively supports the strategy by reporting it.

"There is one page in the Trump White House crisis management playbook, and that is simply to tweet or say something outrageous to distract from a scandal", Earnest said.

"I don't know. And it's not because I'm no longer in government".

Sanders' interview on "Today" was more peaceful, but still had some tense moments.