Trump's approval rating drops to 37%, a new low

Mar 21, 2017, 00:39
Trump's approval rating drops to 37%, a new low

President Donald Trump's approval ratings have dropped to their lowest point since he assumed office in January, according to Gallup.

A pathetic 22% of people ages 18-3o say they approve of his job performance, 15 points lower than the Gallup poll.

It's not just the lack of approval, 37 percent now, but the active disapproval - a whopping 58 percent in the latest figures - that spells trouble for Trump.

It also notes that the RealClearPolitics data was broadly accurate, with national polls showing Clinton leading by 3.2 points.

While Trump's presidency has been relatively rocky from its start, the new results come after a particularly hard week for the White House. Trump's making no friends among his detractors, certainly, but he's pushing away some of his core support as well.

Trump's worst approval ratings come as heads of United States intelligence agencies began testifying before a Congressional Committee Monday about Russia's involvement in the presidential election.

During the past week, Trump's approval rating fell 5 points from 42 percent. Trump also made the wild assertion that he was wiretapped by President Obama, a lie which was refuted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Trump also jumped right in tackling some of the bolder items on his agenda, issues certain to stir up controversy.

With this, he even showed his inclination towards Fox News, saying that their poll prediction had much higher ratings for Trump.

Like most other polling outlets, CNN's polling did not predict a Trump victory in November.

According to Gallup, Barack Obama, Trump's predecessor, regularly polled approval ratings in the low 50s and throughout March 2016 his disapproval ratings were in the mid-40s.