United States women's hockey team threatens to skip world championship in MI

Mar 16, 2017, 00:36
United States women's hockey team threatens to skip world championship in MI

And the inside, which was supposed to list all the years the USA won gold, left out the women's title in 1998.

"To voluntarily take ourselves out of the running to (repeat) is not easy, but it's what's right and we're asking for what's right and fair", forward Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson said by phone. They threatened to do the same to other players who spoke up about the inequity in USA Hockey's funding, and sadly, it worked.

The players, who have never had a collective bargaining with USA Hockey, are seeking a four-year contract, John Langel, one of the lawyers representing the players, told USA TODAY Sports. Most of the players also play for the National Women's Hockey League, which cut salaries previous year out of nowhere. That's it. "The other three and a half years, they don't give us any money", Lamoureux-Morando said. For the rest of the time between Olympics, USA Hockey pays them "virtually nothing", the statement says, "despite its expectation that in each of the non-Olympic years, the players train full time and compete throughout the year, including in the World Championships".

The U.S. Women's National Hockey Team has announced that it'll be skipping the 2017 World Championships because of a lack of progress made by USA Hockey, the sport's governing board in America for teams of all genders, to afford the women's team members pay equal to their male peers. Is playing going to be more stress than we can handle?

There is a possibility the players could call off their boycott and play at the world championships, if they make progress in negotiations with USA Hockey over the next week.

They're not alone as a successful women's team fighting for fair and equal treatment.

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With the United States set to host the upcoming World Championship, USA Hockey has yet to comment, but may look to end the dispute quickly and avoid the embarrassment of the host team boycotting the tournament.

And so, the defending world champions may be defending nothing at all.

The U.S. Women's national hockey team is making a stand. "And then you kind of have the other half where they're just exclusively playing hockey", she said. "We owe the next generation more than that".

The players do receive year-round support directly from the U.S. Olympic Committee - without which, Duggan says, "there would be no financial survival at all". Several players on the team posted the hashtag #BeBoldForChange with a link to the story, and Alex Morgan wrote a message of solidarity on her Twitter account.

In essence, the women's team has pushed for pay equality for over 17 years.

But players said the protest is about much more than their individual circumstances.