Vimeo Gets In On 360-Degree Video With New Platform

Mar 09, 2017, 00:32
Vimeo Gets In On 360-Degree Video With New Platform

Just don't expect to share your own 360-degree media via the app-Facebook 360 is now limited to viewing photos and videos, sharing them to your own Timeline, and "reacting" to them with one of the network's six canned responses. For Facebook, that functionality is coming specifically to the Gear VR by way of a new app. Vimeo's creator community is known for pioneering new video formats and pushing the boundaries of storytelling.

Meanwhile, Vimeo today launched 360-deree video support, which makes Vimeo the "first major marketplace for creators to sell 360 videos" directly to their audiences, the site says. The inclusion of this feature is noteworthy because more and more people are becoming fond of 360 videos.

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Vimeo still lags behind in one respect, though: there's no support for live 360-degree broadcasts as yet. "We believe Vimeo creators are the missing piece to taking 360 video from nascent to mainstream". On the web, you can use the arrow keys to look around; on mobile, tilt your iPhone or iPad; on VR just tap the headset button in the player or scan your headset's QR code to ensure compatibility.

At launch, Facebook 360 will feature four main "feeds", delivering content into users' eyeballs from closer than ever. You can download Vimeo from the App Store for free. These include videos and images posted online by companies, organizations and creators, as well as panoramic media from your friends. Heading into SXSW, Vimeo has announced it will now support the distribution and monetization of 360 video, with two badass women at the helm - Anjali Sud and Sara Poorsattar. The upload utility will pull your video metadata to assign settings for your specific 360 video or, in the event that you don't have any metadata attached, it will assign common 360 settings on its own.