Virginia District to Close on 'A Day Without A Woman' Protest

Mar 10, 2017, 00:40
Virginia District to Close on 'A Day Without A Woman' Protest

Researchers estimate more than 4 million people turned out for the Women's March in cities across the U.S. The planned strike is bringing awareness to gender equality.

While women in the US have collectively made great strides, the undervaluation of women's work, vulnerability to discrimination, sexual harassment, job insecurity, equal pay, and family leave remain pressing issues.

For more than a century, March 8 has been a day dedicated internationally to women.

Love said she hopes the Day Without a Woman draws attention to the value women hold in society, showing that "women's work makes up the backbone of the country". "It is not based on a political stance or position", the school system's superintendent said in a statement.

In Chapel Hill, N.C., where three-quarters of the 2,000 school district employees are women, officials said 400 workers - including teachers, bus drivers and cafeteria staff - indicated they would participate in the strike. "And never mind the fact that you've inconvenienced parents who now have to scramble for daycare at the last possible minute", one person said on the district's Facebook's page.

Thousands of women around the country are expected to take part in "A Day Without a Woman".

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"The decision is based exclusively on our ability to provide sufficient staff to cover all our classrooms, and the impact of high staff absenteeism on student safety and delivery of instruction", he explained. We are starting to become a nation that stands by each other.

"How is causing another woman to possibly lose a day of pay or to spend more money that she already can't afford on childcare helping other women?"

Those who can not take to the streets are encouraged to wear red in solidarity, boycott all but small, women- or minority-owned businesses, and stay engaged on social media.

There are many organizations with women's rights in mind that need support.

And Mel Gruver's roommates found a letter informing them that she was going on strike for the day - not just from work, but from responsibilities at home, too. "And the third one would be to avoid shopping at any sort of large corporate owned stores, malls, and the internet", she said. If that's not happening, if we strike, there would be no day care. "To be impactful, it's important that we take every opportunity to have our voices be heard".