Want to Help Boost Bee Populations? You Can For Free

Mar 17, 2017, 01:23
Want to Help Boost Bee Populations? You Can For Free

The company is even removing BuzzBee, the mascot for the Honey Nut Cheerios brand from the front of the cereal boxes to help raise awareness about the world's disappearing bees.

They should arrive within four to six weeks, in plenty of time to get them in the ground.

Bee populations around the world have plummeted in recent years, though scientists remain unsure of the reason.

"And now bees need people", Cheerios said. So, you can still sign up and participate! In 2017, the bumblebee became the first US bee species to be officially classified as endangered. Although we normally associate bees with honey and the spread of pollen, their impact on agriculture and our food system goes way beyond that. Humans rely on bees for a significant percentage of their food supply.

The dramatic loss in bee numbers is believed to be due to a combination of habitat loss, disease, pesticide use and climate change. "Why is this important?" As much as one-third of the crops raised around the world depend on pollinators to bloom, accounting for up to half a trillion dollars of the world economy.

It joins seven species of yellow-faced bees found in Hawaii on the endangered list. More than half of all bee species are on the decline, and a quarter are at risk for extinction.

Bumblebees live in underground colonies, caring for a queen.