Wilmington flights to Philadelphia, LaGuardia canceled for Tuesday

Mar 15, 2017, 00:42
Wilmington flights to Philadelphia, LaGuardia canceled for Tuesday

Even more flights are expected to be canceled on Tuesday, when Upstate New York and other areas along the East Coast are expected to get hit with heavy snowfall.

The US National Weather Service issued a 24-hour blizzard warning from midnight on Monday (noon on Tuesday Hong Kong time) for NY, expanding north into CT and south into New Jersey.

Norwegian meanwhile, which also flies routes from Scandinavia to the United States, has opted to wait and see for the time being.

The Greater Aviation Authority encouraged passengers to contact their airline providers for specific flight status before heading to the airport.

Going out of Jacksonville, all flights into Newark, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore and several our of NY are also canceled.

Delta said it had cancelled over 900 flights, 800 of those not operating on Tuesday.

Republic Airlines has canceled 137 flights, which account for 17 percent of its Tuesday flights.

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In New York, American canceled all Tuesday flights out of John F. Kennedy International, LaGuardia and Newark Liberty International airports.

American cancelled 500 flights Monday and most of Tuesday's New York-area flights, as it issued a travel alert for 40 northeast area airports.

For example, Chicago is the most affected city: 47 per cent of all the flights in and from the city have been disrupted.

The airline said all change fees and applicable fare differences will be waived provided that original flights were ticketed on or before Sunday.

SOUTH African Airways (SAA) has cancelled its flights to North America as a result of the Winter Storm Stella. An additional 650 flights have been cancelled for Wednesday, a number that FlightAware expects to rise as the airlines scramble to resume operations.

A powerful nor'easter is lashing the mid-Atlantic and the Northeast prompting flight cancellations across the country, including at Raleigh Durham International Airport.

Amtrak suspended the Acela service between New York City and Boston for Tuesday as well.