YouTube TV Arrives to Take on Hulu, Netflix and Traditional Pay Television

Mar 06, 2017, 00:47
YouTube TV Arrives to Take on Hulu, Netflix and Traditional Pay Television

It's separate from YouTube Red, the ad-free subscription service the company launched previous year, which hasn't had much success.

YouTube has so far been associated with free content. Getting viewers to pay $35 dollars a month will be a tough task. The Alphabet-owned company announced on Tuesday that over the next few months it will launch YouTube TV, an online cable bundle with all the networks and dozens of cable networks. The service will launch in the spring at an unspecified date in "the largest U.S. markets", according to a YouTube statement.

At launch all four broadcast networks will be available - ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox - and their associated cable channels like ESPN, USA Network and FX.

Users can watch YouTube TV on any screen - mobile, tablet, or computer - and can stream to their TV with a Google Chromecast.

The service shows that Google has been able to make nice with much of the entertainment industry.

What YouTube is really pushing, though, is the notion that while it may have the same programming as its competitors, it will have a better service. Recode reports that Google's artificial intelligence software will power the service's recommendation system. Each of the six subscription accounts will also include access to their own unlimited-storage DVR, which can record shows based on your favorites.

"Reliability and scalability" - a not-veiled reminder that other digital TV services have had technical struggles when they first launched. Channels like MTV, Spike, Comedy Central, TNT, TBS, and TruTV aren't on YouTube TV at this time.

YouTube TV will also include one of the most annoying parts of the TV watching experience: ads.

At an event today in Los Angeles, the Google subsidiary unveiled YouTube TV, billing it as a way to reimagine television for the YouTube generation. And none of the streaming TV services will let you watch football on your phone, because those rights, for now, are exclusive to Verizon. Hulu also is developing a live TV service.