4 bodies found in Long Island park

Apr 15, 2017, 02:20
4 bodies found in Long Island park

Sini confirmed that the manner in which the young men were killed "is consistent with the modus operandi of MS-13".

Suffolk police did not immediately comment on the video.

Police also said that the way the four were killed is consistent with methods used by the gang MS-13.

Prosecutors said Kayla Cuevas, 16, was targeted last summer by a group of four gang members because she had been feuding with MS-13 members at school and on social media.

Three of the victims were teenagers, said Suffolk County Police Commissioner Timothy Sini.

"It appears they were killed with a sharper-edged instrument", Sini said. "This is a long-term war", he said. This is one incident, ' Commissioner Tim Sini, Suffolk County Police Department said.

Sini said Thursday that investigators would continue with strategies, including concentrating on intelligence, that have been working to tamp down gang activity in an "all-hands-on-deck" assault.

Victims include 18-year-old Jorge Tigre, whose family says had been friends with the gang members but attempted to stay away from them after the gang orchestrated a fatal machete attack in September.

MS-13 is a "transnational" street gang pinned for numerous crimes across the country, prompting the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 2004 to start a MS-13 National Gang Task Force. And make no mistake about it.

The body of Oscar Acosta, 19, was also discovered that month, and the body of Miguel Garcia MorĂ¡n, 15, not long after that, according to police.

Justin Llidicura's, 16, family said that detectives are investigating whether he is among the four victims, as a family member said he was last seen on Wednesday heading towards the park. She said a friend who escaped told them about the attackers.

"The gang members came out and told them to kneel down - and then he was just able to run for his life", Villalobos's cousin, Yensy Fuentes, told NBC. He previously palled around with an MS-13 member.

The skeletal remains of Oscar Acosta, 19, and Miguel Garcia-Moran, 15, who had been missing for months were found by train tracks while Jose Pena-Hernandez, an 18-year-old who was a well known gang member, was found in woods behind a disused psychiatric facility.

Authorities are offering a $25,000 cash reward for information in the case.

Authorities are yet to reveal whether the bodies discovered on Wednesday are linked to the previous youths' deaths.

It is not clear when or how the bodies were dumped in a wooded area.