April's body condition, comfort level and behavior all 'on point'

Apr 13, 2017, 01:31
April's body condition, comfort level and behavior all 'on point'

April was elsewhere when she gave birth to her first three calves, and this one will be the Harpursville zoo's first giraffe calf.

However, not much has changed otherwise, Animal Adventure Park said late Tuesday night.

Updates about April the giraffe's condition can be found on their YouTube livestream. "She enjoyed extended yard time today in the warm weather and sun".

Zookeepers at Animal Adventure Park say that the giraffe's pregnancy is headed in the right direction. Now that April has gone longer in her pregnancy than was anticipated, there is an excellent chance that those who visit the Animal Adventure Park and April on opening day will see her calf in person.

"Well Giraffe Fans, here we are approaching another weekend without a giraffe calf..."

April has never lost a calf or had a stillborn.

"We are waiting for increased pacing to indicate an active labor situation has begun, in addition to pushing/contractions", the zoo said in a Facebook update.

The front hooves will come out first followed by the snout. Giraffe's instinctively hide their labor for however long it's lasting in order to not draw attention from predators who will wait out a giraffe's labor in order to attack once the calf is born.

Upon naturally weaning, the calf will move on to another facility to start a breeding program there.

"We can not retain offspring, as it would lead to incestuous mating and undermine the genetics of the program and species", the zoo says.

Nonetheless, keepers indicated they observed some extra discharge and swell Monday evening. Thousands upon thousands of commenters voiced their frustration on Facebook and YouTube, and the stream was restored within an hour or so. Remember, the Giraffe Cam was not set up to capture an immediate birth. Moms will get very "pacey" before and during birth.

He added that April's pregnancy is not just live entertainment, but a teachable moment and source for education. The exact details and specifics weren't given but it appears the Animal Adventure Park is quite confident that April won't give birth to her calf outside. At birth it will weigh in at about 150 pounds and will stand at about 6' tall, Animal Adventure Park said. Though the calf will be April's fourth child, it will be her first time giving birth at the Animal Adventure Park, and the first giraffe calf to be born at the educational zoo.