At least 4 arrested in California pro and anti-Trump rallies

Apr 18, 2017, 02:00
At least 4 arrested in California pro and anti-Trump rallies

Nearly 200 people gathered at Martin Luther King Jr.

At least 13 people were arrested after violence broke out Saturday between groups of supporters and detractors of President Donald Trump holding rallies in downtown Berkeley, authorities said.

Police arrested more than a dozen people and requested aid from other law enforcement agencies.

With assistance from the Oakland Police Department, the Berkeley police fared better at keeping the peace than they did in February, when violent demonstrators set fires and destroyed more than $100,000 worth of property that forced the cancelation of a speech by then-Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos at UC Berkeley.

Berkeley police have confiscated banned items such as knives, flagpoles, and sticks used as weapons, according toCBS San Francisco.

Photographs of the scene published online show at least two men with bloodied faces.

Two of the biggest tax marches took place in NY and Los Angeles. He later said that voters don't care. "We're here to say we care", said Singh.

It was not immediately clear what protesters were charged with, or whether there would be more arrests.

Comedian Sarah Silverman told The Associated Press that she feels "beholden to be an active citizen".

The anarchists are professional rioters while the Trump supporters are ordinary Americans.

As supporters and opponents of Donald Trump clashed violently in Berkeley, Calif. on Saturday, video of the confrontations quickly made their way to social media showing the two sides exchanging blows and heated words.

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"Stand up, America! Stand up!" shouted a Trump supporter in the middle of Center Street with a bandage on his head and streaks of blood on a sign that read "Stop Liberal Intolerance".

Hundreds of people gathered at the park for a pro-Trump rally and a counterprotest, some dressed in black and wearing masks, the Los Angeles Times reported.

For four decades, presidents and major party nominees have released some of their tax returns, with the exception of Gerald Ford.

City officials imposed a one-day rule for the protest.

Duelling pro- and anti-Trump rallies in the USA turned violent on Saturday as numerous fistfights broke out and protesters fired pepper spray into a crowd. Anti-Trump demonstrators had signs saying "No!" Antifa anarchists and alt-right groups clashed in a riot Saturday (Aaron Levy-Wolins/ Xpress).

The Washington, D.C., march began Saturday with a rally at the U.S. Capitol, where Democratic lawmakers called on Trump to stop the secrecy. She rode a bus from New Jersey to New York City with her friend Geraldine Markowitz, 83, to take part in protests.

In Washington, D.C., Sen.

Another woman from the pro-Trump side came up to Lundy and, putting a hand to her ear, said, "Ask her why she hates white people".

Tuesday is the deadline for taxpayers to file returns.

The protest follows a series of demonstrations - both violent and non-violent - that have swept the country since President Trump took office in January.