Canada commemorates the centenary of the Vimy WWI battle

Apr 14, 2017, 10:46

"On this day a century ago, after months of careful planning and surveillance, through considerable innovations in tactics and technology, and after remarkable determination and courage, the Canadian Corps took Vimy Ridge", he said.

The Telegraph reports that they appeared in northern France to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge, a World War I battle that became a key part of Canada's identity.

Following the ceremony at the Cenotaph, the parade proceeded to the legion for camaraderie and refreshments.

Before the prime minister spoke, Gov. Gen. David Johnston told the crowd that the Vimy monument symbolizes the enduring friendship between Canada and France, underscored by the hundreds of thousands of Canadians who helped liberate the country. The battle of Vimy Ridge was the biggest singled allied advance on the western front up till that point in World War I. Months of preparations went into the battle.

"In this sense, Canada was born there", Trudeau said.

It was the first time all four Canadian divisions fought together as one formation, with German troops surrendering four days later.

The centennial of a Canadian war battle was marked during a solemn occasion in Vernon Sunday.

Prince William and Prince Harry joined Prince Charles at the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge in France on Saturday. "We will never forget". "Let's renew our commitment to remember their heroism in the face of suffering and fear".

Hollande said the links built between France and Canada were evident today "when we condemn chemical massacres committed by a criminal regime" - a clear reference to the suspected chemical attack in rebel-held Syria this week. They succeeded where other armies had failed - but at a great cost. Yes, Vimy's soldiers are telling us nationalism only leads to war and fundamentalism to destruction.

Sunday's ceremony, hosted by the Canadian government, included official speeches, recitations of stories from soldiers and eyewitnesses to the battle, and performances by Canadian artists such as singer Loreena McKennitt. The monument consists of a red metallic base with sculptures of soldiers' feet. "The battle came to define Canada's newly independent place on the world stage".

They came together from coast to coast to coast, by the thousands, to say thank you and to remember.