Could Star Wars Have More Skywalker Stories Ahead? Well, Maybe

Apr 19, 2017, 01:32
Could Star Wars Have More Skywalker Stories Ahead? Well, Maybe

The somehow-still-untitled Han Solo movie is expected to premiere May 25, 2018.

When Disney shelled out an eye-watering amount of money for LucasFilm a few years back, it was pretty clear that they'd have a blueprint for longevity that would include a hell of a lot more than just a new trilogy.

Lucasfilm's put together a brand-new video for their latest Force For Change charity campaign, and this time they've roped in none other than Star Wars luminary Warwick Davis to host the thing. Today, Omaze released a new video in which fan favorite Warwick Davis, who has played a number of characters across the Star Wars movies, gives a spoiler-free tour of the Han Solo movie set, and the coolest part gives us a peek at a brand new creature from the film.

HTC U (Ocean) to have a dual-SIM variant too
It has been reported the Ocean will have high-end specs such as a 5.5-inch display along with a Quad HD resolution. The latter has been codenamed as "Ocean" and it is expected to arrive somewhere in 2017 instead of HTC 11.

Speaking to MTV, she didn't commit to a timetable, but said, "My hope would be sometime around the summer".

I thought the video was going to just be Davis and his shenanigans, but there's also an appearance from directors Lord and Miller on the set, and we also get to see one of the aliens in the film. However, Kennedy didn't rule out episodes X-XII. "We'll make a decision soon". Whitta said "It was a far more collaborative story breaking process than on any film I've ever been involved with". It's also a self-contained way of capturing an audience for more than one movie, so it'd be pretty odd for them to drop it (unless it was for a more expansive MCU-style universe of stories). Can you imagine getting to see those vending machines in person?