Freedom Caucus Head Hints At Progress On GOP Health Plan Strategy

Apr 17, 2017, 04:46
Freedom Caucus Head Hints At Progress On GOP Health Plan Strategy

72-year-old Cliff Ward told Amash that he supported the conservative congressman's decision to block the American Health Care Act, but added, "now we need you to work with Trump and the other Republicans to get this done". He said the provision would effectively result in a return to the days before ObamaCare, when people with pre-existing conditions were routinely denied coverage.

Meadows said that if a deal comes together then the House could vote soon, possibly even returning to Washington early.

Meadows and fellow members of the House Freedom Caucus have been urging Republican leaders to put forth legislation that tackles the rising cost of health insurance premiums.

"What I'm getting to him is based on conversations that I've had with (Tuesday Group co-chairman) Tom MacArthur and leadership, but I wouldn't say that it's approved at this point", he told the paper. There's also an increasing recognition that they can't get everything they want pushed through without seeking some Democratic support in the Senate, a factor that makes it even more likely that they will shed Freedom Caucus votes in the House.

Working with Democrats, he said, would require Republicans to scrap the current health care bill and start over. The only victor in both cases would be further growth of government bureaucracy, and the large health systems and insurance companies (special interests) feeding at the trough of taxpayer subsidies - probably the real reason for the Republican establishment's lost zeal for repeal.

Members of Congress returned to their districts Friday for a two-week recess, and Republicans are already fielding questions from constituents about the future of the Affordable Care Act and their plans to replace the law. Those targeted include Walden and Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-N.C.), the chief deputy whip, who last week said the Freedom Caucus's calls were a "bridge too far for our members" and could not pass.

Like Mulvaney, Meadows said Connelly "has shown that he is not afraid to stand up to leaders in both parties to advance conservative principles and stand for the Constitution".

"I'm optimistic that we'll see a very different process as tax reform comes along", Meadows told CBN News.