GameCube emulation running perfectly on Galaxy S8

Apr 12, 2017, 00:26
GameCube emulation running perfectly on Galaxy S8

While Samsung is going to be hard at work in testing the dual-screen prototypes in the coming months, it is unlikely for the company to launch this device to the public.

Over just two days last week, Samsung received 550,000 pre-orders for its new Galaxy S8 smartphone, which is set to hit the USA market on April 21. This is especially relevant to the United States as the last infamous Note 7 was the last phone the company released in the USA, the Note lineup being Samsung's most advanced phones.

In South Korea, the special edition Galaxy S8+ featuring 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of onboard storage is more popular than the Galaxy S8 model.

Samsung offers a discount of NT$10,000 to encourage existing Samsung smartphone users to replace their old gadgets with the Galaxy S8 devices, and an additional discount of NT$2,500 by making payments through Samsung Pay.

Samsung recently introduced its Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus smartphones, taking the market by a storm.

From April 7 to 8, around 550,000 units of the Galaxy S8 were pre-ordered beating the record that the Galaxy S7 set the previous year. In other words, there are a lot of free Gear VRs buyers could receive as a result of Samsung's Galaxy S8 push.

In fact, it is absolutely trounced by the iPhone 7 Plus, which manages to open up all the apps in nearly half the amount of time taken by the Galaxy S8.

The leaked picture shows us that Galaxy Note 8's design will be very similar to what we've already seen on Galaxy S8.

But now the Galaxy S8 launch is out the way, all eyes are focussed on what comes next: the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Besides, here are some of the smartphones that could be close competitors of the Galaxy Note 7. "However, the high-end model is expected to make limited sales contribution because the buzz surrounding the next-generation iPhone devices is dampening demand for products from non-Apple vendors". Sandeep Singh Arora, Vice President, Online Business, Samsung India, "At Samsung, we are committed to meaningful innovations that delight our consumers".