Girls' series finale wasn't satisfying, but it was fitting

Apr 18, 2017, 01:58
Girls' series finale wasn't satisfying, but it was fitting

The most interesting twist wasn't that Hannah wound up with a brown baby after the show had been criticized for years for its lack of diversity - although that was a bold gesture by Lena Dunham to her detractors.

But the show was deeper and craftier than that, and as the characters grew richer with each passing season, I came to appreciate the provocative, polarizing genius of Lena Dunham.

The hazy and intense early days of motherhood are indeed an occasion for the horror movie/love story slippage that suits Girls, but Grover's difficulties breastfeeding are used largely as an opportunity for Hannah and Marnie to demonstrate how deeply they remain Hannah and Marnie, purebred narcissists of distinct types, working on a risky co-dependency. While Marnie and Charlie's ending certainly came earlier in her bottle episode depicting a chance encounter with love lost, the decision to avoid a fairytale wrap-up for all of these couples wound up contributing further to the show's genuine edge. Despite the fact that they half-hate each other most of the time, Hannah takes her up on this. She reveals she couldn't breastfeed either when Hannah was a baby, but it's too late. They're doing it, but more so just getting through their days, desperate to be happy even as they're both radiating misery.

The finale opens with a nice callback to the pilot, showing Hannah and Marnie asleep in bed together. The idea that friendships are more constant and less fraught than lovers and parents was not the show's big answer. And when the teen took off with her jeans and shoes, Hannah offered this parting shot: "So you run, you little harlot, but life is going to chase after you with problems you can't even imagine". Episodes were often akin to short films, even if they weren't intentional one-offs like this season's bruising "American Bitch" (where Hannah confronts a celebrated and possibly predatory older male writer) or season two's melancholy standout "One Man's Trash" (in which Hannah spends a weekend in a lovely brownstone with an equally lovely man and realizes with some disappointment that she just wants to be happy). "I quit the show.'" In an episode of Dunham's Women of the Hour podcast, Kirke explained that as Girls went into its second season, she had become uncomfortable with the portrayal of her character. The series debuted five years ago, in 2012, and was considered the first of its kind for portraying the "real" trials and tribulations of contemporary 20-something female life-in many ways in direct opposition to the sort of unerringly glamorous fictional characters captured by that other HBO show anchored by four female New Yorkers, Sex and the City. Marnie says that she snuck in at 1 a.m.

How do you think Hannah will do as a mom? This is one of the first moments that Hannah actually acts like a parent.

At first, Marnie seems to be loving her new role as Aunt Marnie.

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"You know, I want to have children", Jessa tells Hannah before the abortion appointment. And so we were interested in just telling that conversation. It's much more the struggle. Should they not breastfeed?'" And we were like, "We're the last f-ing people who have a f-ing opinion on what you should do with your body. You can nearly see the lightbulb go off over Hannah's exhausted head.

What's In Her Future: In the interest of keeping her sobriety (and beginning to make healthier friendship choices), Jessa will find a new group of friends - a less toxic, self-centered one that supports each other rather than passive-aggressively competing against each other. "I'm a better friend than any of you!". With a clear mind, Hannah soothes her child and Grover finally latches on.

Like I said though, no matter what happens, this season has been fantastic. She says that she'd like to help Hannah raise her baby. She has been transplanted from Brooklyn to leafy upstate NY, having rejected a marriage proposal from Adam, her complex on-off boyfriend. "That was the season where you said I had to get out of your dressing room or you were going to punch me, ' Dunham reminded her".

Dunham: I was pretty focused on it, and everyone was like, "Okay".

Why He's Terrible: Hannah's ex-boyfriend-turned-gay-BFF-turned-roommate was the person she turned to for gossip and smack-talking, and his similar career paralysis didn't really provide motivation for either of them. I wanted to make sure that (the audience) had all the little notes that I'd want them to have watching the movie.