Hillary Clinton Actually Wore the Lucite Heels Katy Perry Designed for Her

Apr 12, 2017, 01:16
Hillary Clinton Actually Wore the Lucite Heels Katy Perry Designed for Her

Hillary Clinton is adding another bullet point to her resume after rocking "The Hillary" Pump from Katy Perry's shoe collection on Instagram Monday night. Perry, a huge Clinton supporter, posted a picture on Instagram of Clinton modeling the Hillary, a style of suede pumps with a blocky Lucite heel.

Fashion brands, take note: one time I saw Hillary Clinton wearing a pantsuit and Katy Perry heels, so I bought a pantsuit and Katy Perry heels. Its description on the Katy Perry Collection Web site encourages wearers to "step in and reach for the stars" for the price of $139. The statement shoes are all designed by Katy and are inspired by the stylish star's "whimsical approach on life".

April 11 (ANI): Katy Perry has taken her subversive bleach blonde hair to the next level - by joining the team buzz cut. Each shoe in the line is named after a woman Perry knows or admires.

Perry made a decision to change up her look, which was very similar to Miley Cyrus and Scarlett Johansson's do, for a pixie cut.

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'I tried to pair the shoes that best represented their personality. I didn't necessarily shape the shoe after them, but I decided to make the shoes more name specific in the end'.

Katy Perry "The Lena" sneakers.

Clinton wouldn't be the first of her family to earn the title of model.