Liberals blast NDP's promise of yearly $400 renter's rebate in BC

Apr 17, 2017, 05:29
Liberals blast NDP's promise of yearly $400 renter's rebate in BC

Also in Vancouver Wednesday, B.C. Green Party leader Andrew Weaver unveiled a plan to increase income assistance, disability assistance and shelter allowance by 10 per cent a year, starting this fall and continuing for five years.

"I think that's our plan, it's responsible".

Meanwhile, the B.C. Green party have released their plan on income security.

"We're going to eliminate them".

Having a local riding candidate that is a party leader is nothing new for Central Okanagan voters. "We would look to them to bring up the wage in a manner that's consistent with the ability of small business to absorb it, and that actually reflects working conditions". "Somebody in another part of British Columbia that doesn't live on Vancouver Island is going to be paying for ferry service".

He says that would make the premiums fairer, while at the same time keeping a vital revenue strain.

The NDP would begin increasing carbon tax on fuels starting in 2019, two years before Premier Christy Clark has said she would resume increases to keep pace with the federal government mandate for nation-wide carbon pricing.

The NDP has promised to eliminate MSP and in its last budget, the B.C. Liberals said it would cut payments in half.

Judy Darcy, the NDP incumbent in New Westminster, said the province now has a "patchwork system" of tolling and the Liberal government's strategy is not working.

Horgan says the yearly housing subsidy would apply across the entire province and be available to all tenants, regardless of their income. "We need more supply".

Krog said the Liberals tax credits will not help seniors or those who are low-income earners, adding that it will only benefit those who are higher-income earners.

- The Liberals' Mike de Jong, who serves as finance minister in Clark's cabinet, says the NDP's platform proposals would cost at least $4 billion a year and lead to a credit downgrade.

John Horgan says tax increases to the wealthy and to corporations and getting rid of what he calls "the Christy Clark LNG fantasy fund" will create new revenue, and $7-billion in new capital projects will spur the economy.