NYT Fails To Disclose Terrorism Conviction Of Op-Ed Contributor

Apr 18, 2017, 01:55

Barghouti is serving a life sentence over his role in the violent second Palestinian intifada.

Qadoura Fares, an advocate for prisoners' rights, says 6,500 Palestinians are now held by Israel.

Palestinian prisoners and detainees are staging a mass open-ended hunger strike to protest their conditions in Israeli prisons.

According to Ynet, Palestinian prisoners at the Meggido Prison in northern Israel claim that since the start of the hunger strike, Israel Prisons Service official have taken a number of retaliatory measures against the strikers, such as the confiscation of radios, televisions and other electronic devices.

Some 740 Palestinians are held in administrative detention, according to Qaraqe.

Many prisoners suffer from medical negligence in jails.

The inmates seek better access to medical care, increased visit duration from 45 to 90 minutes, removal of glass barriers to allow mothers to hold their children, free entry of books, clothing, food and other gifts from family members into prisons and installation of phones to enable prisoners to stay in touch with their families.

Hamas recently suggested it would support a smaller Palestine state, without specifying if this would be a stepping stone to Israel's destruction.

Chief 'optimistic' police officer shot during burglary call will fully recover
Craig said the teen who fired the shot is remorseful for what happened and just wants to make sure the officers will be okay. A shot fired from inside the home struck the officers, who were in front of the house on Detroit's west side, police said.

Librati estimated that 1,100 prisoners were participating in the strike, a number lower than that reported by the Palestinian Authority.

A New York Times op-ed published Monday by Marwan Barghouti is attracting controversy in Israel over his imprisonment on terrorism charges, which goes unmentioned by the newspaper. Palestinian political prisoners and detainees are systematically subjected to torture and ill-treatment with continued impunity - highlighting the need for more solidarity actions from people around the globe to call for immediate release of all Palestinian political prisoners, long-denied their basic rights.

He challenged the impartiality of the Israeli judicial system calling the courts "a charade of justice, clearly instruments of colonial, military occupation" and accused Israel of "judicial apartheid" by providing "virtual impunity for Israelis who commit crimes against Palestinians, while criminalizing Palestinian presence and resistance".

Channel 2 said Israel was determined not to give in to any of the prisoners demands.

Opinion polls indicate that Barghouti enjoys widespread support in his quest to replace Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas.

He added that hundreds of detainees intend to join the strike in the coming few days. Palestinians consider brethren held in Israeli jails as national heroes.

According to Shakir, a mass hunger strike is an attempt by Palestinian prisoners to shed light on such practices that raise serious questions about Israel's policies under worldwide law.